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Artist &Illustrator

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I wish I didn’t know what it was like without you,

I wish you didn’t have to go away..

I wish I could hold you once and forever,

I wish forever in my arms you could stay..

Dream Catcher

When you fear the unknown, and

There's no light to guide you home,

Become your own Dream Catcher, and

Let your wings break the mould..

Bold and Fierce

Step into your power,

the best of you, you'll be..

Make yourself limitless and irreplaceable,

for itself, will your legacy speak..

Gift of Life

A part of me that made me whole,

You are the one I had been waiting for..

Nurturing the love that never dies,

We give each other the Gift of Life..

Beautiful Mess

Letting your doubts hold you back,

Making you take a second guess..

Trust your heart and own your path ,

Create your own Beautiful Mess..